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There is overwhelming response for the courses after the Digital Marketing Congress, held on 27 January 2018 which was full-house:

There's just no way to escape the digital economy.

Digital is no longer secondary, it’s central.

Across practically every job role, digital tools and techniques are being employed to drive better results with greater efficacy.

The industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and needs good people right away.

Salaries are expanding in the digital field and benefits are becoming increasingly enticing.

Oddly enough traditional learning institutions are not preparing students with skills for these jobs, so the demand for workers is through the roof.

According to Gartner Research, "By 2020, we will see 1.4 Million computer specialist job openings, but more than 70% of those will remain unfilled because our universities aren't currently teaching the required skills."

Unfortunately, the Internet isn't all a bed of roses.

In fact, people without the right playbook often get trampled.

That's just harsh reality.

It's not that there's no good information out there. There is. But much of the best stuff is buried under deep piles of hype and confusion. Frankly, knowing what I know, I can't imagine how in the world I'd ever get started in this business today if I didn't have a helping hand to guide me.

And here's the big danger that is sinking more Internet dreams than any other single factor:

Virtually all of the conventional wisdom about Internet marketing is dead wrong.

That's why I'm taking it upon myself to show you what works.

No blue sky projections, no technical double talk, no theoretical "what ifs?"

Just the facts and nothing but the facts.

And most importantly, how you can join the party with maximum speed, minimum hassle, and virtually zero risk.

For instance you'll discover details of my never-before-revealed "Omni-Channel Marketing Universe" that will offer you a 'crystal-ball' insight into where the marketing world will be headed within the next 2 to 5 years. 

I will help you 'decipher' the Omni-Channel Marketing Universe piece-by-piece, and reveal exactly what is required to tap this goldmine marketing opportunity that very few marketers truly understand.

So you'll be getting an 'unfair advantage' and a literal head start when you attend this event!

Plus, I'll also personally walk you through, a step-by-step framework on knowledge, skills and competency required to secure your own ultra-lucrative career in the explosive field of Digital Marketing.

You'll be absolutely thrilled and delighted to know that this isn't like most professions where you have to climb a corporate ladder, or put in your time before you can play in the big leagues.

All you need to do, is acquire a certain set of skills - A set of skills that will always be in demand, and help you in any job, career or business.

Digital Marketing Congress Singapore 2018
Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre

Here's what you will learn when you attend Digital Marketing Congress 2018:

  • Case Studies: How Top-Of-Vertical Companies Leverage Omni-Channel Marketing Concepts to Generate An Additional 7-Figures/Year.
  • Learn about basic and advanced Lead Generation Techniques. Perfect way to market high-value products & services (e.g. Real-Estate, Insurance, Beauty, Training, Education businesses etc).
  • Uncover the Secrets to Facebook Advertising.
  • Say Goodbye to WordPress! Learn about a revolutionary NextGen website builder. Never worry about plugins, themes and lousy hosting again!
  • The Power of Analytics & Data Visualization.
  • The Importance of Retargeting & CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

And much much more!

Armed with this skill-sets, you will become marketable for life.

Recruiters, Agencies, and Employers are on the hunt for people with ANY experience in these skills.

They don't care if you have a degree or not. They want the skills.

What's more...

You'll have the personal freedom to either work for a company and get a steady paycheck, or go freelance and do your own thing.

Either way, you'll be doing the same work and rewarded handsomely, beginning with entry-level gigs that pay $30-$100 an hour to getting retainers of up to $10,000 or more per month!

Make no mistake.

This is dynamite material that is not available anywhere else designed to help you easily open any door, meet any challenge, overcome any obstacle, and join the ranks of the rich.

Once you start applying these secrets...

Simple system. Real people. Real income!

  • Work on your terms and your schedule.
  • Industry-leading company with unparalleled support.
  • No previous experience necessary.

Let's Make it Happen!

Fabian Lim
Serial Online Entrepreneur
Organizer, Digital Marketing Congress